James Newman

Treating FB fans as VIPs

In Social Media on January 17, 2011 at 5:25 pm

Social media experts have long extolled the virtues of brands treating their Facebook fans as VIPs. It not only gives them a tangible reason for joining the page in the first place, but it builds social currency amongst friends as well as a whole load of reasons to talk about it to their friends.

The latest example of this principal, expertly delivered, is from Mexican street food restaurant, Wahaca.

It has just launched what it calls its Facebook fans table. Each week Wahaca is setting aside a table in the restaurant, exclusively for its FB fans, and is giving them the chance to host it, for free, for friends who have never eaten there. To win, all fans have to do is to tell Wahaca what they want to eat and drink from the menu, who they want to bring with them and why – all in 420 characters. By adding @ before each friend’s name, their dinner date is immediately alerted to the possibility of a freebie night out.

This is great for two key reasons:

(1) It makes their FB fans feel special and gives them great kudos and status amongst friends – hosting a table, for free, at their fave restaurant
(2) Provides plenty of word of mouth for those that attend the meal as a guest – they feel great to be chosen by their friend and everyone loves a freebie in current times


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