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QR Code Cookies – a tasty idea or a just soggy biscuit

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Continuing on a biscwit’s theme, a German company has come up with a novel way to entertain its consumers. Buyers of QKies biscuit mixture can lovingly make a batch of their fave sweet snacks, but the icing on the cake (I can’t read German but you know they use that line) is that you can create edible, and personalised QR codes.

Those lucky enough to receive a batch of warm cookies can scan their biscuit and be taken to a personalised site with videos, messages, or whatever the creator decides to leave for their friend.

Is this a tasty idea or a just soggy biscuit story? You decide.


Grrrreat use of outdoor media

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Timely Father’s Day Ad From Durex

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An oldie, but worth sharing in the week leading up to father’s day.